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Definitely Recommend

I have had great success with John Fiege . Two years ago he helped me with back pain and more recently with my frozen shoulder. All of the staff are very professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend John Goetze Physical Therapy.

Betsy Meister August 11, 2017

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A Great Practice

The therapists and staff at this practice are simply the best. I have been working with John for some chronic pain issues, and he is incredible. He is knowledgeable, and seems to intuitively know how to heal, to help relieve pain and discomfort. He is passionate about what he does, and does it very well!

Dr Shahla Khan August 3, 2017

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Fine Job

Thanks to John you #1 Physical Therapist!!!! He always knows just what to do and how to (painfully) do it!! I realize that in order to get back to “normal” some tweeking and adjusting must be made. John does his work with style and grace…always knowing when to ease off and when to carry forward.

This is my third time at JGPT everyone is warm and friendly…..I hope I won’t have to return (but I know I will) having 4 bulging discs always gives me the risk of some back treading…good to know that you guys are there to help me back to the normal!!!!!!


Sheldon Friedman

sheldon friedman July 5, 2017

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A Physical Therapy Patient For The First Time

About Taylor, Brianna, Jordan, Jen, and Victoria.

They know their stuff. This is my first time having physical therapy. The results of my experience are evidence of a job well done. I have neurological problems but the physical therapy has improved my speech, mobility, and cognition. I was surprised.

I have delt with PhD’s and engineers of all sorts but their titles are diminished when the job falls short, as with anyone. But these individuals showed me that they know what they are doing.

I would recommend their services to anyone.

With regards,
J. Bryant Jenkins

J. Bryant Jenkins June 14, 2017

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Great people

Very good therapists that were very helpful, and I only needed one week and improved 100% from therapy.

Larry R Hopkins May 6, 2017

First Hand Experience

“Everyday when I wake up and can walk, I thank Aaron!”

Bea January 24, 2017

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Come Try The Best!

If you’ve tried the rest, come try the best! Or, better yet, just skip the rest and come to the best first. After a near fatal car accident, I spent two years in physical therapy at two of Jacksonville’s most respected institutions. In ONE session, Aaron did more to start me on the road to recovery than ALL of the other sessions combined. His innate sense of what is wrong with the body, and the functional manual therapy approach his clinic takes, translates into measurable improvement. Tired of dealing with your pain and limitations? Make an appointment TODAY to live the better life you deserve!

Dr. Ceil Pillsbury September 14, 2016

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Mr. Robles you run an OUTSTANDING place of business that is such a credit to The Beaches Area. Your people seem to be personally selected for their tremendous ability in their field of work, but equally for their knowledge of making physical therapy such an enjoyable experience while benefiting from their great work as a team. I felt all of your people were some of the nicest professional people I have ever met in the medical world and they helped me so much in my rehabilitation. I truly felt like all of your people had my interest at heart and wanted to help me get better.

Thank you for operating what must be one of the top physical therapy places in Florida. You should get a great satisfaction from the realization you and your team are making so many lives in Jacksonville have a better life. Please give my best to everyone at your place and always know I will be spreading the word of your great work to as many people as possible.


John Carson August 12, 2016

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More Than Exemplary

My experience with Aaron and his staff was more than exemplary, which led me to refer several others to his practice. He is very knowledgable of human anatomy as well as very thorough when performing treatment. Furthermore, his office staff is very respectful and efficient.

I am more than satisfied with every aspect of the practice and the treatment that I received and will continue to tell others about Aaron’s abilities and expertise in the field of physical therapy.

J.C. Quintana, MD June 11, 2015

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Back To Hitting Aces

I  was massively crippled by compressed nerves in my neck.  The chiropractor couldn’t help, the osteopath refused to even try, and the orthopedist wanted to operate.

Without hesitation, Aaron took my neck in his hands and in a week I was on the road of a 6 month total recovery.  I am back to hitting aces to players 40 years younger than I am.

I was there every day for weeks and continually overheard patients say things like ..”I was at another pt practice for weeks and got nowhere,” or “I tried a different pt practice, and they never touched me, just devices,”etc.

I am 80, and I know superior ability when I see it.

Sheldon Weiner March 31, 2015

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