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Aaron specializes in the challenging cases that other clinicians have given up on. I have entrusted dozens of my patients to his expert care, and the results are astounding. Although you must be willing to adhere to your at-home exercise regimen, and the treatments themselves may not be entirely comfortable, see Aaron if you want unequaled results. I highly recommend Aaron Robles without reservation.

I would like to share a true story that I often tell to my patients. Since Aaron treats the “whole body”, viewing it as interconnected and united, I casually mentioned that my left knee hurt mildly with every step (perhaps I “tweaked” it while weight training). He observed me doing four or five squats, then informed me that he saw what was occurring. The problem was not with the left knee, but with the (pain-free) right knee, which way not rotating inwardly in a proper fashion. But this was not a problem with the right knee, but rather with the right ankle, where two bones were not gliding by one another well. He then pulled out a rubber dog bone (!), and thumped my right ankle with it.

He then asked me to walk. The pain was gone on the spot!


Ron Kirsner, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist April 8, 2014

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I am a physical therapist with 11 years of experience. I know how the human body is supposed to work. So when I began having excruciating shin splint like pain when running I knew I needed some help. Of course I called Aaron. I was lucky enough to meet Aaron 5 years ago when I was having neck pain and was thrilled with Aaron’s care. Besides being the most knowledgeable and talented PT I have ever met Aaron is an excellent teacher. He has taught me treatments and exercises that I have been able to incorporate into my own patients’ care with great results. I recommend Aaron to everyone who needs outpatient PT—I even sent my husband! Not only did Aaron get rid of my shin pain he also got rid of a nagging hip and low back tightness that I didn’t even realize was limiting my movement. I cannot thank him enough!

Danielle Tusing, PT April 8, 2014

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In almost 40 years working as a registered nurse, I have had the opportunity to observe the work of many physical therapists. I have also been through 8 courses of treatment as a physical therapy patient over a number of years. I have always been impressed with the part a PT plays in healing injuries and “repairing” body parts. Many times, surgery can be prevented. Nonetheless, I was surprised by the expertise of Aaron Robles. His knowledge and treatment far surpasses that of any other therapist I’ve known.

Three years after knee replacement and nine years after a spinal fusion & laminectomy, I received unexpected benefit and relief from his care. On my first visit, I came to see Aaron partially limping and walking bent over. I had my doubts about getting much benefit from this therapy. I now walk standing straight up, better and easier than in years. Thank you, Aaron.

Anne April 8, 2014

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If you are looking for hands on care, focused on results, Aaron is the best in town. As a PT myself, active in judo and grappling I did research to find someone with his credentials to help me. He is the only IPA certified manual PT in NE Florida, and with this unique approach he can restore your mobility and get you back in the game, just like he got me back on the mat!

John Fiege, PT MTC April 16, 2014

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As a Jacksonville physician, and as a competitive master rower, when I need to refer a patient or a rower to a Physical Therapist, the first name that comes to my mind is Aaron Robles, Sr. PT MPT CFMT™ who practices in Jacksonville Beach. He is an excellent therapist. He is especially adept in diagnosing difficult muscular-joint problems and instituting the correct Physical Therapy. Personally, he has been able to return me to competitive rowing after many months of disabling shoulder pains. I recommend him without any reservation.

Anibal Sanchez-Salazar, MD April 16, 2014

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Aaron has successfully treated my family, myself, and my patients. He is able to identify an underlying cause of pain or impaired mobility that may have otherwise gone undiagnosed. Aaron has successfully treated me for severe back pain and for a shoulder injury. I give him my highest recommendation.

Scott Segel, MD April 16, 2014

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After suffering from low back pain for two years, it became so severe I thought I would never function normally again. A friend referred me to Aaron after explaining that his back issues were resolved with Aaron’s treatment. Aaron was able to get to the root of my problem, and by following his plan, I was able to become pain free. Now, I am working out and playing with my children without worrying about hurting my back. I refer to Aaron everyone who is serious about improving their health.

Mayor John Peyton April 16, 2014

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I had shoulder pain that was a 10+, the kind of pain where you want to gnaw your own arm off. I had been to doctors, and rheumatologists, with no relief. My daughter who is an editor on the health desk of the Wall Street Journal, told me I needed to go to a Physical Therapist, but only one that does deep tissue massage. She found Aaron Robles Sr. and his team, and they have been remarkable. In just 14 short sessions my pain which was a 10+ is now nearly non existent. Thank You Aaron and your wonderful team. You have surrounded yourself with a remarkable, kind and talented staff. If I break again, I’ll be back for another guaranteed fix.

Gary R. Petersen May 26, 2014

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For those of you in pain and discomfort, physical therapy is your solution. The group at John Goetze is excellent. They will assist you through your aches and pains with a kind word and physical techniques. They helped me. Give them a try!

Ellen Langley June 19, 2014

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I am a physical fitness fanatic, and when I first saw Aaron for my low back pain, I could not walk without severe pain. Aaron was able to immediately assess the root cause of my pain and began re-training my entire body mechanics. What I appreciated was that Aaron spent a lot of time with me. His knowledgeable, comprehensive, hands-on technique helped me regain strength and function. He also gave me the tools to help myself and prevent recurrence of my injury. I am back to high intensity exercise after just a few months. I give Aaron my highest recommendation and “Thank you!” to you and your staff.

Jennifer S. Cronin, MD June 20, 2014

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